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Our mission is to supply the highest quality data and odds provisioning through our managed trading services, dynamic data feeds, and affiliate platforms to bring a suite of new sports and customers to your doorstep.



ALT Sports Data delivers partner value through the ownership and delivery of granular, low latency official odds and event data in tandem with streaming and media content that powers the whole customer experience and wagering lifecycle.

We work with official sports leagues, technology platforms, data providers, regulated sportsbook operators, athletes and other stakeholders to realize a collective vision and content ecosystem that collectively extends and enhances market and audience.

The company offers proprietary, yet cost-effective ways to deliver competitive differentiation for sportsbooks through our feeds distribution technology. At the same time, we can drive increased traffic and access to new and highly engaged customer demographics through our dedicated affiliate network.


ALT Sports provides a connection point between alternative sports and the gaming and wagering space by leveraging and distributing proprietary data, with odds pricing overseen by our specialist managed trading solutions (MTS).  Combined, we generate hundreds of Pre-Match and Live betting markets for thousands of global alternative sports events and tournaments.

Each sport we offer enjoys large and fanatical physical and remote audiences bolstered by millions of social media followers. We work exclusively with top-tier, sanctioned bodies to ensure approved and consistent event scheduling, formats and rules governed by professional standards of athlete conduct and sport integrity.

We handle all the services below and provide the resulting data to the operators, leagues, and media partners.

Event data provisioning

Pre-match pricing and live event odds

Event streaming access

Official league data (where available)

Regulatory wagering approval by jurisdiction

Integrity monitoring

24/7 managed trading team

Original content

Affiliate platform


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