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ALT Sports Data Announces Exclusive, Multi-Year Betting Data Partnership with Thrill One Sports

ALT Sports Data Announces Exclusive, Multi-Year Betting Data Partnership with Thrill One Sports & Entertainment

The Agreement will bring Regulated Betting to Nitro Rallycross and Street League Skateboarding

August 2, 2022 — ALT Sports Data, pioneer of trading and consumer data for action and alternative sports, has officially partnered with Thrill One Sports & Entertainment to unlock new markets in the world of regulated sports betting. The exclusive, global partnership will leverage ALT Sports Data and its proprietary simulation trading platform to enable sports betting on Nitro Rallycross and Street League Skateboarding.

Based in Southern California, ALT Sports Data, Inc is the leading provider of exclusive and official alternative sports trading and consumer data for the sports betting industry. ALT Sports Data becomes the exclusive provider of both Nitro Rallycross and Street League Skateboarding event and customer data to licensed sportsbooks. This marks Thrill One’s first data partnership in the growing U.S. sports betting sector.

“It’s our mission to shine a light on the sports we watch and love. As the official data partner of Thrill One—the undisputed global leader in thrill-based entertainment—we are opening the door for a new and highly engaged audience to engage in skateboarding and rallycross racing,” said Joe Dunnigan, CEO of ALT Sports Data. “Legal sports betting offers a new point of connection to these iconic sports, their world-class athletes and their global communities. And that translates to more fans and greater engagement.”

Thrill One, recently acquired by Fiume Capital and Juggernaut Capital Partners, is the global leader in thrill-based sports, and includes flagship properties Nitro Circus, Nitro Rallycross (Nitro RX) and Street League Skateboarding (SLS). SLS lives at the epicenter of skateboarding, successfully harnessing the skill and culture of street skateboarding, where they’ve evolved the vibrant sport from a collection of local grassroot contests, to a renowned global competition. Like SLS has done for skating, Nitro RX has elevated the sport of rallycross by packaging it into an exciting and consumable event that takes auto racing to literal new heights.

“Partnering with ALT Sports Data allows us to deliver a dynamic fan engagement platform in the rapidly-growing world of regulated sports betting,” said Joe Carr, CEO, Thrill One Sports. “This new relationship will provide another entry point to these sports and complements our strategy to create a more immersive experience for fans.”

ALT Sports Data will utilize official data feeds to build a high-end live betting product to be sold to regulated sportsbooks around the world. Exclusive access to Nitro RX and SLS official data will allow ALT Sports Data to provide up-to-the-minute odds and a suite of traditional wagers and prop bets.

Both ALT Sports Data and Thrill One have partnered with U.S. Integrity – a sports wagering monitoring & regulatory technology company – in order to provide the highest level of protection against betting-related fraud and corruption. Additionally, U.S. Integrity will deliver a comprehensive sports integrity & educational program for Nitro RX and SLS.

About ALT Sports Data, Inc

ALT Sports Data is built to give the world the chance to have a stake in the outcomes of previously unavailable action, adventure, endurance and motor sports. We do so by providing advanced odds and pricing data, and managed trading services, to legal sports betting operators; helping them to efficiently offer wagering on previously unavailable, highly engaged alternative sports. Rooted in a proprietary software model and deep domain expertise in action/alternative sports, we provide both official and unofficial trading data and customer data to operators that enable them to drive new revenue and attract relevant new audiences. For more information about ALT Sports Data, visit

About Thrill One Sports & Entertainment Thrill One Sports & Entertainment is a next-generation content company that lives at the nexus of sports, entertainment and lifestyle, combining the resources of Nitro Circus, Street League Skateboarding (SLS), Nitro Rallycross (NRX) and Thrill One Media. A multi-media platform founded in 2020, Thrill One is dedicated to creating mind-blowing action sports events and original content, fueled by the most daring athletes, talent and brands in thrill-based entertainment. Thrill One Sports & Entertainment also boasts one of the largest aggregate social audiences in action sports, with over 40 million followers across its multiple brand pages and channels. Go to for additional information.

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