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Former GoPro, Red Bull & Sports Betting Executives deliver alternative sports betting opportunities.

December, 2021- Executives from leading lifestyle, brand and sports betting operators, including former GoPro CMO Todd Ballard, are launching an all-new sports data company, ALT Sports Data.

Many action, adventure, endurance and motorsports with large global followings, including several Olympic sports, are currently under-represented in sports betting. ALT Sports Data is a new data company built to empower the over 300 legal sports betting operators in the US to offer wagering on a number of previously unavailable sports. Rooted in a proven and proprietary software model, we provide dynamic pricing and score data as well as customer data to the operators to solve the two greatest pain points in an industry that is expected to grow at 40% annually for the next decade, according to Goldman Sachs.

“With Maryland recently becoming the 31st state to offer legal sports wagering, the industry is booming”, said co-founder, Todd Ballard. “An estimated $5B will be spent in 2022 to acquire customers and the need for sports books to diversify and reach new audiences is more critical than ever. We recognize a glaring white space in participatory and lifestyle alternative sports… the audiences and industries we’ve built our careers around.”

Joe Dunnigan, ALT Sports Founder and CEO added, “We see a big opportunity to deliver new fans and new products to sports book operators while bringing new fans and resources to the athletes, event promoters and sanctioning bodies that fuel these sports. It’s quite an undertaking to curate and interpret the right data to fuel new wagering alternatives, but we have the team with the expertise to deliver it.Former GoPro, Red Bull and leading Sports Betting Executives partner to deliver alternative sports betting opportunities.

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