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Miami, Fla. – Aug. 15, 2023 –The fast-paced and thrilling game of jai-alai is heading to a new group of sports fans. The World Jai-Alai League (WJAL), the premiere North American jai-alai league, has partnered with ALT Sports Data to stream the WJAL’s Battle Court Fall 2023 season games beginning Sept. 8. ALT Sports Data, a leader in trading and consumer data for emerging sports, will leverage its proprietary simulation trading platform to deliver the WJAL’s games to its full suite of sports betting operators.

ALT Sports Data Inc. is the leading provider of exclusive and official trading data and consumer data for the alternative sports betting industry. In addition to showcasing the WJAL’s Battle Court games, the partnership allows sportsbook operators to create pre-event markets and manage in-game odds, giving fans an innovative and exciting way to connect with the intense action taking place on the Magic City Fronton’s glass-walled court.

“ALT Sports Data understands the unique perspective of emerging sports like jai-alai,” said Scott Savin, chief operating officer of the World Jai-Alai League. “ALT’s integrated suite of products will provide the right strategic tools to acquire new fans and add new avenues for revenue streams for the next phase of the WJAL’s development”

The ALT Sports Data announcement comes at a time of notable momentum for the league which recently unveiled the newest lineup of high profile team owners for the upcoming season including three-time NBA champion Udonis Haslem as owner of the Rebote Renegades, UFC’s Jorge Masvidal as owner of the Dejada Devils and 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Monica Puig as co-owner of the Lifestyle Miami Chargers.

“We see a lot of potential in this partnership. Jai-alai provides an edge of your seat fan experience which positions it well for growth,” said Todd Ballard, chief marketing officer of ALT Sports Data. “Our sports betting partnerships will be pivotal for additional exposure, fan acquisition and long-term growth of this game.”

Jai-Alai is a 400-year-old sport that originated in the Basque province of Spain. It has been played competitively in the United States for almost a century. Players use a basket-style racket called a cesta to launch and catch a ball which often travels at speeds exceeding 150 mph. The five-team Battle Court league features the top jai-alai players in the world including several former University of Miami athletes. They join an international array of talent from Spain, France, and Mexico.

Battle Court games are viewable on ESPN3, Jai-Alai TV at, via the WJAL’s streaming channel at App available on Apple, Roku, and Google Playstore), and on YouTube @jaialainetwork.


About World Jai-Alai League

The World Jai-Alai League (WJAL) is dedicated to revitalizing the world’s fastest ball sport by modernizing gameplay, capitalizing on the exploding international sports wagering market, and delivering the sport through social media to a new generation of fans across the globe. For more information, go to The WJAL plays at the Magic City Fronton in Miami located at 450 N.W. 37th Ave.

About ALT Sports:

ALT Sports Data is a leading source of official and unofficial alternative sports trading data unlocking millions of participatory fans and potential bettors for sportsbook operators, media platforms and event producers. This enables partners to offer real-time dynamic trading data from a robust sports portfolio and engage with one billion global alternative sports fans. This enables partners to offer real-time dynamic trading data from a robust sports portfolio and engage with one billion global alternative sports fans. For more information visit

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