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The auto-manual trading platform that allows traders to seamlessly export real-time betting markets.

No integration required.


  • An interim solution that isn't dependent of a resource-intensive API integration

  • Real-time communications systems with traders to ensure proper management

  • API-driven data from official league partners, providing the most up-to-date data for effective pricing

  • Easy and secure access for multiple users

  • Algorithmic precision for accuracy in betting operations

  • Aggregated and centralized data for streamlined management

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[PRTL] | Betting Coverage & Services


    • ​BOARD SPORTS: Surfing, Skateboarding

    • MOTORSPORTS: 4-Wheel (Rallycross, Sprint Car, Drifting), 2-Wheel (Supercross, Motocross, Road Racing)

    • OTHER: Jai Alai, Darts, Rodeo, Arena Soccer, Golf Derivative, Combat Sports, Chase Tag

    • COMING SOON: Winter Sports (Ski/Snowboard), Drag Racing, Cycling, Basketball Derivative


    • ​Sanctioned & regulated in most states

    • Powered by official, low-latency odds via League API’s

    • Real-time communication & 24/7 access to ALT Sports Data’s in-house trading team via dedicated channels (voice & messaging)

    • Performance reporting & SLA’s

    • API-Ready for eventual integration


    • ​100% event coverage

    • 6,000+ futures/outrights, pre-match markets

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