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ALT Sports Data Launches [PRTL] Solution for Sportsbook Operators

ALT Sports Data Launches [PRTL] Solution for Sportsbook Operators

A new best-in-class manual trading solution that enables sportsbook partners to onboard a portfolio of new sports in advance of an API integration

CARLSBAD, Calif. September 26, 2023 - ALT Sports Data, the leading source of official alternative sports trading data and demand generation services for sportsbook operators, is proud to announce the launch of [PRTL]. [PRTL] a best-in-class technology platform designed to unlock the next wave of sports betting customers by eliminating the need for costly and time consuming API integration. With [PRTL] operators can now onboard dozens of new leagues and authentically access millions of new customers to provide new revenue growth and differentiation.

[PRTL] offers operators and distributors access to a singular data source , alleviating ‘go to market’ barriers involving complex and lengthy integration roadmaps. Trading operations can now access a streamline and efficient pricing solution, providing:

● Algorithmically derived odds pricing and updates in a centralized database

● Intuitively structured organizational framework, eliminating manual chaos

● A scalable and aggregated solution, ensuring seamless growth for operators.

● An immediate alternative to API integrations

“The seemingly endless sportsbook integration roadmap requirements reduce the opportunity for trading teams to efficiently and effectively on-board and manage new sports verticals that provide differentiation and access to new betting customers” said ALT Sports Data Founder/ CEO Joe Dunnigan. “ALT Sports Data has developed the industry’s leading, auto-manual trading platform that allows traders to seamlessly export real-time betting markets and eliminate the liability that comes from emailed spreadsheets. While an API integration is always our priority, updating markets and odds has never been this easy without one.”

[PRTL]'s features include:

● Real-time access to top-line, pre-match, and semi-live markets for over 12 premier global sporting events

● Real-time communications systems with traders to ensure proper management

● Easy and secure access for multiple users

● API-driven data from official league partners, providing the most up-to-date data for effective pricing

● Algorithmic precision for accuracy in betting operations.

● Aggregated and centralized data for streamlined management.

● API-Ready for eventual integration

ALT Sports Data’s product offering serves as a catalyst to drive fan engagement, enabling sportsbook partners to develop additional betting markets by targeting large, underserved audiences. The proprietary managed pricing platform supplies real-time dynamic odds and trading data from a portfolio of underserved alternative and action sports that include World Surf League, Street league Skateboarding, PBR, Major Arena Soccer League, Formula Drift and others. It includes a full wagering lifecycle for all covered events, as pre-match and live odds services generate independent, algorithm-driven betting markets.

For more information on ALT Sports Data, please email us at or visit:


ALT Sports Data is the leading source of official and unofficial alternative sports trading data unlocking millions of participatory fans and potential bettors for sportsbook operators, media platforms and event producers. This enables partners to offer real-time dynamic trading data from a robust sports portfolio and engage with one billion global alternative sports fans. The proprietary trading platform covers the full wagering lifecycle for all offered events. Pre-match and live odds service generates independent, algorithm-driven, and mathematically correct betting markets using dedicated models. Where available, specialist sports seamlessly incorporate in-play betting markets aligned with the enthralling nature of the associated live sports.

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